SOLIS 8111 CP 1.6/1.1GPF Dual Flush Diaphragm Exposed Sensor WC Solar Flushometer

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ADA Compliant, BAA Compliant, BREEAM Materials Credit, BREEAM Water Credit, Carbon Neutral, cUPC Certified, cUPC Green Certified, EPD, Green Globes Materials & Resources Credit, Green Globes Water Credit, HPD, LEED Materials & Resources EPD Credit, LEED Materials & Resources HPD Credit

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  • Solar powered. The sensor assembly is powered by a solar cell that will harvest power from the artificial indoor light (incandescent, fluorescent or LED), and use it as the energy source. The solar cell can provide approximately 100% power with 650 illuminance (lux)
  • Four size AA battery back-up power source
  • “Low Battery” flashing LED
  • If the user is present for less than one minute and leaves the sensing zone or chooses the small override button, a reduced flush initiates (1.1 gpf or 4.2 Lpf) eliminating liquid and paper waste, saving 1⁄2 gallon of water
  • If the user is present for greater than one minute and leaves the zone or chooses the large override button, the full flush initiates (1.6 gpf or 6.0 Lpf) eliminating solid waste and paper
  • Reduces water volume by up to 30% when a reduced flush occurs
  • Flex tube diaphragm designed for improved life and reduced maintenance
  • ADA compliant Sloan SOLIS ® electronic dual flush solar powered infrared sensor for automatic “No Hands” operation
  • Infrared sensor with multiple-focused, lobular sensing fields for high and low target detection
  • Engineered metal cover with replaceable lens window
  • User friendly three second flush delay
  • Courtesy Flush ® override button
  • Sweat solder adapter with cover tube and cast wall flange with set screw
  • Fixed metering bypass and no external volume adjustment to ensure water conservation
  • Handle packing, main seat, stop seat and vacuum breaker molded from PERMEX ® rubber compound for chloramine resistance
  • 1″ (25 mm) I.P.S. screwdriver Bak-Chek ® angle stop with free spinning vandal resistant stop cap
  • PERMEX ® synthetic rubber diaphragm with dual filtered fixed bypass

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