We are not in the business of being typical.

Marsh Global Holdings ® is a strategic private equity group headquartered in Hong Kong, China.

Under an umbrella of environmental stewardship, we’re building a portfolio of companies that offer customized operating solutions between China and the world.

Our fundamental strategy is bringing to our partners the benefits of world class in-house engineering based on an Industry 4.0 manufacturing platform.

To do so, we have pioneered and invested heavily in pursuit of a sustainable model of excellence by seeking the best people available

and then leading them to break molds of conventional wisdom, mediocrity, and comfort zones.

This includes investing in extraordinary measures to ensure our actions do not harm the planet. And wherever possible we seek to leave the planet better than we found it.

You will find woven throughout our companies, and on the ground in our offices and facilities, people who grasp and who are committed to our vision.

This is an essential and material difference in the value we deliver.



Pioneering a better path. Our story in 6 minutes.