A platform for excellence,
built on belief in the human spirit.

Masai tribesman greets the dawn of a new day - Mara Mara, Kenya.

During the months in which I contemplated the creation of this company, I realized this was not just about launching a powerful, relevant and global business model; it was something more personal.

Having traveled this planet for more than 25 years, and having worked in over fifty countries, I observed early on that the power and potential of the emerging global economic machine was huge — and that it would change forever how commercial success is defined.

However, most vital is the profound importance of mastering the complex human dynamic that accompanies this opportunity. For, as the global business environment has evolved, we are now presented with a new opportunity: a passing moment in which to create a better quality of life for all the world’s citizens, a time for building bridges among cultures, sharing experiences, and combining strengths, so that we can move toward a lasting, more harmonious coexistence.

In this context I believe that Marsh Global Holdings ® must be built on the best of human qualities: those that attract the finest co-workers, build relationships of trust and respect in every culture, celebrate integrity over duplicity and cunning, and bring to our clients an extraordinary level of value and sustainable competitive advantage.

This is not only the core obligation of Marsh Global Holdings ® as a global citizen; I believe that it is the standard by which all business excellence should be measured.



William Marsh