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Marsh Engineering Center in Hangzhou, China.

As the flagship company of Marsh Global Holdings ®, William Marsh & Company ® is the critical component for small-to medium sized companies in optimizing commercial opportunity between China and the rest of the world.

The Marsh Engineering Center in Hangzhou, China gives our partners a preemptive competitive advantage not otherwise available to companies their size. This unique facility is the lynchpin for achieving premium quality when manufacturing in China.

At this center we employ a rigid engineering and quality assurance regimen, controlled by proprietary systems and processes that allow us to catalog, monitor, analyze, test, correct as necessary and deliver near zero defects in each piece that passes through the process.

It’s the difference between a promise and performance.

In total William Marsh & Company ® provides a fully integrated supply chain solution for our strategic partners; and with offices and operations in Hong Kong, Hangzhou, Xiasha, Shaoxing and Atlanta, we can provide a complete global platform — from product development, engineering, manufacturing, exceptional quality assurance, to final delivery of product to any location in the world.

We underscore the integrity of our relationships as a strategic and risk sharing partner at all times; we fully understand the opportunities available in China, and are seasoned in navigating the risks of operating in this environment.


We have established a new standard for quality assurance engineering.