The rulebook for international trade was written 2000 years ago.

The Silk Road taught the world the basics of trade.

Some things in trade should never change.

Throughout history, the strongest, most enduring trading platforms have followed the tenets of trust, experience and common sense. These are the same principles guiding the work of
Hong Kong Harbour Company ®.

In modern times, Hong Kong Harbour
Company ® and its partners navigate the complicated trading environment in Asia aided by both advanced technology and hands-on human insight.

As a risk sharing partner, we design a trading platform that aligns with our customer’s business model and market-driven strategy; all built on solid planning, not hope. We use an advanced in-house information platform that we can customize to facilitate sharing, visibility and collaboration, both upstream and downstream. A tangible benefit for swift, informed decisions. The result is true integration, an essential condition for building a competitive sustainable advantage.

But ultimately, we never lose sight of perhaps the most essential truth of all; the algorithm should never replace the handshake.


Human contact is still the essence of trading.