The strength of experience. The power of vision.

For more than a hundred years, the Henry ® brand has been known for its dedication to quality — and today is a growing and respected competitor in the $30 billion HVAC&R components category.

Henry ® began its journey in 1914 making lanterns and gauges for the iconic Model T Ford — and evolved through the twentieth century to become established in designing and supplying industrial and commercial components for the refrigeration industry.

Now, Henry Group Industries ® joins the Marsh Global Holdings ® portfolio with a vision to build a world-class brand, leveraging a century of experience and a reputation for excellence, to emerge as a serious global competitor in the HVAC&R industry. Working together, there exists between Marsh and Henry ® a new energy and strategic clarity.

In service of the Henry ® vision, Marsh is devoting its management, engineering, manufacturing, data management and quality assurance resources to support an aggressive strategy that incorporates growth both organically and through acquisition.

Marsh’s demanding quality assurance approach couples a multi-step inspection and testing protocol with a proprietary data management system that tracks and reports in real-time multiple results as products move through the process. Together, these elements ensure near-zero defects — an extraordinary level of performance, and a major competitive advantage for Henry ® and its customers.

Marsh is committed to Henry ®. And we have the platform to bring it to the global stage.


Manufacturing technology is a key element of the Henry ® vision.