The path to a global solution.

Lost Moose Cabin, Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina.

The story begins over a decade ago when two entrepreneurs meet in a remote mountain cabin to evaluate an opportunity.

Armed with a clear understanding of how globalization was threatening the competitive viability of small to medium size companies — and after rigorous debate — the plan evolved that would address the specialized needs of this segment, and provide tangible value for its stakeholders.

Today, the plan unfolds. Marsh Global Holdings ® is now a strategic and financial holding company engaged in creating, financing and managing proprietary solutions for a portfolio of businesses — with exclusive focus on those that share our values and fit our business model.

We work hand-in-hand with our companies and strategic partners on complex issues in multiple countries, across many cultures.

In every endeavor we draw from our multi-cultural leadership team; professionals who have exemplary backgrounds and global experience in product design, engineering, manufacturing, logistics, information technology and finance.

We actively evaluate both start-up and acquisition opportunities in new industries, as well as expansion in the sectors in which we are experienced. The critical thread for success in each of these ventures is clarity, focus and an uncommon passion to create value through the pursuit of excellence. We are unwavering in the belief that excellence is sustained only with a pervasive focus on the individual.

In short we find that opportunity exists in many forms when passion, intelligence and common sense can make the difference. You will find these qualities at work in all of our businesses.

New Marsh Engineering Center opens in Hangzhou, PRC.

Marsh Engineering Center, a platform for excellence.